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Delusions, Delusions Galore

Thursday, March 25th, 2004
Current Listening:
The Queers: “Idiot Savant”
You know he read a couple books

And now he shoots me dirty looks

As if he thinks he’s better than me

A condescending attitude

Well I hate to tell you dude

You can’t buy a vowel on your SAT’s

You know the thing that really bugs me about the whole Clarke thing? Instead of Bush’s administration addressing the issues Clarke raises, they attack his character. I’m glad that the media is at least paying this an iota of attention; it would have been so easy to slip this thing under the rug. This election has me teetering between nausea and jubilation. Nausea, because both sides can’t see what opportunistic hipocrites they are, but jubilation because I think there’s no way that Bush can be re-elected. I hate being another cog in the “pick a team and defend it zealously” machine, but some of the things this presidential administration has done are just awful, stupid, or shortsighted — sometimes a combination of all three.

I’d love to wash my hands of this, but as a member of that critical 18-30 voter bracket, I feel a responsibility to get my fellow Gen-Y’ers do get out there and vote. Everybody’s gonna be sick of this election, of mud-flinging from both sides, and the general divisiveness of the country come November, but it will all be worth it if Bush is voted out in November.

Nifty link: A vanwith a twelve-foot tall statue of Bush with his pants on fire? Only at

Oh, and if you’d like some lighthearted satire (from Conservatives, too), check out The Five Greatest Presidents by Bruce Walker. Obviously, Bush is one of the five best — turning the surplus negative, plunging us into Neo-Vietnam, alienating the rest of the world — because he DIDN’T USE A CIGAR TO STIMULATE AN INTERN. Anyway, it’s not really satire but it does point out how delusional the right wing can be. We lefties are delusional , but at least they’re idealistic delusions. Enjoy!

Review: The Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show

Tuesday, March 16th, 2004

Review: The Rocky Horror Punk Show

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a tad bit tame these days. After all, with women kissing on awards shows and other ‘lewd’ acts on network television, nothing seems shocking anymore, and Rocky Horror, even with its blatantly hedonistic overtones, suffers as a result. The same might be said of the film’s music — and rock ‘n roll in general. In its heyday rock ‘n roll was shocking enough to prompt several cities to attempt to ban it. Now, a rock song plays in almost every television commercial and supermarket; rock’s backbone, its backbeat, is as natural to us as a microwave or a ride in a car.

How interesting this album should be. Punk rock reinvigorated rock ‘n roll in an age when it was dying, when guitar players took no shame in indulging in twelve-minute solos. Punk was based around three chords and the truth. The music from Rocky Horror is itself similar to punk — from listening to the original soundtrack, one got the impression that the instrumentalists were bashing the hell out of their instruments in much the same way as Dr. Frankenfurter was bashing the hell out of his new playthings in the sack. This album should be just the thing to reinvigorate the 35-year old movie, giving it new energy and purpose.

Sadly, it does not. Some of the highest-energy tracks from the original soundtrack are some of the dullest here, and the vocals are to blame. Granted, most punk singers probably have not had experience in the theater or acting, but you’d think their performances would carry a little bit more emotion. Rocky Horror’s best-known track, “The Time Warp”, is given a particularly lackluster performance here. The Groovie Ghoulies’ vocalist doesn’t give any heart to the words he’s singing, he sounds nasally monotone throughout. In the context of the play, the Transylvanians are ga-ga over this dance: it is the center of their world. The Time Warp should make listeners want to get up and dance, but all I wanted to do was hit the next track button on my CD player. “Hot Patootie” is another one, changing Meatloaf’s impassioned ode to Saturday night makeout sessions to an almost militarliy-barked chant does not work. It drags, and the synthesizer in the background doesn’t help much. “Dammit Janet” suffers particularly in the vocal department.

The tracks that work best here are the lesser-known ones. Luckie Strike’s version of “Rose Tint My World”, clocking in at over just a minute, gallops along, with sincere performances from all its vocalists. “Wild and Untamed Thing”, one of my favorites, is given an interesting instrumental make-over, but once against the vocals drag the performance down. Perhaps the best all-around treatment comes from Ruth’s Hat, who soups up “Superheroes” enough to give it punk weight, but keep the track’s trepidated feel, merging the two perfectly. “Over at the Frankenstein Place”, “Sword of Damocles”, “Sweet Transvestite”, both versions of “I Can Make you a Man”, “Toucha-Toucha-Touch Me”, and “Science Fiction Double Feature” (understandably, since the Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies did an entire album of show tunes, this among them) are other standout tracks.

The rest of the tracks sit somewhere in the middle, not dragging but not kicking me out of my chair, either. Middle-of-the-road, just like most rock today. Bottom line: the album needs more passionate singing. Perhaps if the bands had approached this as scenes from a play, instead of individual songs to cover, the album would have come off a lot better. As it stands, it’s a good concept implemented poorly.


Wednesday, March 10th, 2004
Current Listening:
RxBandits: “Infection”
Is love an infection

Or a sick addiction

When there’s nowhere left

to run to?

Ugggh. I’ve eaten waaaay too much. Heath Coffee Ice Cream, Dr. Pepper. I got groceries today, obviously. Lots of good stuff, including yogurt and granola — I am such a hippie.

We watched Way of the Gun tonight. Well, I didn’t — I slept through most of it. What I do remember is being pissed off by the way that people with guns always seem to get their ways in movies. And torturing and shit.

Back From Bozeman

Tuesday, March 9th, 2004
Current Listening:
ALL: “Good As My Word”
I’m just as good as my word

No matter what you’ve heard

I haven’t updated this in sooooo long. I know. And right now I’ll swear to make a million updates, but I know I’ll start slacking, soon.

Charlie, Bob, a drummer named Kevin and I have started playing in a band again. It’s in a much harder-core vein than Nerds With Instruments. I actually haven an MP3 demo of a song up, too. Now, bear in mind that it’s all me: [Atomic Summer]. I recorded this with GarageBand, another kickass iLife product from Apple.

It is of utmost importance that we vote George W. Bush out of office. More later, including many rants. I’ve been considering starting an Anti-Bush website, too: “Liberal, pissed, biased, and proud of it!”

Carrie, Aaron, Lindsey, Randi and I went to Bozeman last weekend to visit Pat. The poor guy was lonely. MSU’s dorms are bigger, cleaner, and the people are nicer. I came home and there were beer cans on the elevator, my anti-Bush posters were ripped down, and some jackass has moved the stall door in the bathroom past the little stoppers, so now they do not stay closed. On the positive side, it was warmer here today than in Bozeman. 😛