The Flogging Molly Show

It’s gonna be a good show when your glasses are destroyed. That’s what happened to me about ten minutes into the set. Some fellow concertgoer accidentally knocked ’em from my nogging, and though Carrie, some really nice guy, and I tried parting the sea of bodies and looking for about five seconds, they were gone for good.

Creepily, the glasses managed to get back to me. Toward the end of the set we were standing around the concession stand, where things were less crazy, and Carrie found them on the floor, sans lenses and beat to crap.

I liked the opening acts, especially the Briggs. I wanted to get their CD, but didn’t notice that their merch table was separate from the Flogging Molly / Street Dogs table. So I got Savin Hill by the Street Dogs. It’s okay, but some of the songs sound the same.

On the way back, we got three dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. Sugary Heaven.

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