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The 10th Planet?

Saturday, July 30th, 2005

With the discovery of an object larger than Pluto (known as UB313), we may have a tenth planet on our hands, if the IAU determines that it is in fact a planet.

So, what would such a planet be named? According to the article linked above, a name has been submitted but won’t be revealed until the IAU hands down its decision. Regardless of what name the planet’s discoverers chose, I think the planet should be called Athena. This would continue with the tradition of naming the planets after Greek or Roman gods. It would also add another planet named after a goddess (the only other one being Venus).

Athena is the Greek goddess of craft and wisdom. The name is appropriate because the planet could only have been discovered with the wisdom (in the field of astronomy) and craftsmanship (in the field of making telescopes) of humanity.