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Harry Potter and the Magical Fanbois

Sunday, January 8th, 2006

According to the imdb’s readers, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was the best picture of 2005.

…Excuse me? Sure, it was entertaining, but it was kind of a bad movie. Maybe I should be blaming JK Rowling, whose books always seem to follow the same formula, but the movie was about as innovative as its predecessors. I can see it being in the top 10, but… #1?

Further examination of the results reveals some interesting patterns. Sure enough, the big names are there… but Daniel Radcliffe was voted #2 for best actor? WTF? His performances in the Harry Potter movies have always been (if you’ll pardon the pun) unmagical. In almost every category on this poll, something Harry Potter-related places higher than it should have. I have nothing against Potter and company, but I don’t think Harry Potter (the film and the titular character) was Oscar-worthy.

But Hogwart’s isn’t the only scene of bias on this poll. Serenity (which is a fairly spectacular film) placed pretty high, too, for a film that so few people saw.

Hm… Harry Potter fans and Browncoats. Who would’ve imagined that the Internet would be populated by 13-year-olds* and Sci-Fi geeks? 😉

* PS — I don’t want to forget the 40-year-olds slobbering over Emma Watson. Grow up, boys!

Time for some Googlebombing

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006

According to digg, Bjoern Harste, a German blogger, received a cease and desist order from his city regarding his blog. Apparently, they want him to stop using their name in his blog, because it’s coming up in the top 10 on Google and they don’t want surfers to think that his blog is associated with the city. Obviously, Sozialgericht Bremen doesn’t quite understand how Google works.

I can’t read the German, but I ran it through Google translation. Besides, Cease and Desist orders just piss me off. Everybody’s so damned touchy about their image and so forth. WTF ever.

If you want to help the city out, please don’t link to with “Sozialgericht Bremen” as your link text, as this would push Bjoern’s page even higher in the ranking. Wink, wink.

Ha… No Updatey

Monday, January 2nd, 2006

I never update this thing. What can I say? I’m lazy.

Today was one of those days that make me question my direction in life. I’m a Computer Science major. Working with computers is my job, my path in education, my hobby, and eventually will be my career.

So why am I so easily pissed off by them?

The story: I was planning on going over to Chris Rose’s house to trade some local band CDs, check out his studio, etc. I have a punk CD I recorded last year, but I remixed some songs a few months ago. All I have that was ready to go on CD was the old mixes. I thought, hell, I can rebounce the unmixed files, remaster them, and be done in a few hours, right?


First, GarageBand apparently decided that it needed to fix the timing of the vocal tracks on some songs. Which is great, except they were already on time. So I listened to a song, heard it was off, and double-checked. The timeline showed that it was on time. “Whatever”, I said, and pushed the track forward by ear so the words were once again in time to the music.

It only got worse from there.

I use Pro Tools Free with free RTAS for mastering. But it’s only available with Mac OS 9. Luckily, my Dad has about 20 old Macs, and one’s a second-gen iMac. I started mastering, then realized that I was putting everything in mono. This was about 7:30pm, and my target time for getting over to Chris’s was about 5:00pm. It was only after another hour of mastering that I realized that I had no way to get the newly mastered songs off the computer. This particular iMac had broken FireWire. I had to burn a CD of the files just to get them on there in the first place. I tried two USB flash drives — no dice. They’re probably NTFS, while OS 9 demands FAT32. The thing didn’t see my iPod in disk mode, either. Blehhhh.

Then, as I was mastering the last song, the damn thing crashed. I rebooted, and got nothing on the screen. That was my ‘fuggit’ moment. I’d had enough. I burned CDs of the old stuff, and was off.

Chris’s studio setup was nice. The man got a Mac and some nice equipment. I’m jealous ;-). If I ever bought that much stuff, I think it would upset Carrie quite a bit. Right, too — I need to get a car, first.

Then I got on MySpace. I’ve hated it from the start, but finally got on there so I could keep up-to-date on Killing the Hare, the last of the ‘old skool’ Bitterroot Valley punk rock bands.