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Lyrics: “Here There Be Monsters”

Friday, March 31st, 2006

Where is safety? What is freedom?
I don’t know
The sounds of pleasure and of failure
Cannot stow
Abord my heart and in the attic
We lose out
Heavy breathing, heavy burdens
Heavy burdens

Here there be monsters
Bloodcurdling hot calls
Inside is anger
Chipped teeth on our walls

I am one with all my brethren
Shards of meaning find their way home
Back to hate
Can they say monsters are here now
Or do they
Breathe in silence, watch in anger
watch in anger


Building fences, killing the lights
Our own past
Haunts us freely, daunts us daily
Chooses well
Monsters find us wherever we
Choose to hide
The chase beats us, we beat ourselves
We beat ourselves

Splinters, outbursts
They are coming for you and me
Preying on fear
The monsters aren’t coming anymore
They’re already

Here there be monsters
Devouring from within
Feeding on anger
Bathing in our sins
Here there be monsters
The monsters in us all
Feeding on anger
From within our walls

A Rant About iTunes for Windows

Thursday, March 30th, 2006

Or, more specifically, a rant about Windows.

One of the nice things about the Mac OS is that files are not necessarily referenced by pathname. This has been true all the way back to System 7, when aliases debuted. I remember being but a tiny lad back then, and strewing aliases for everything all over the desktop of my dad’s Mac IIcx. The neat thing about aliases (which are the equivalent of Windows Shortcuts but better) is that if you moved the original file, the link would not ‘break’ (this was only true on the same disk).

This magic worked because of the way the Macintosh file system works (note that this is my understanding and not a canonical explanation). Each file on a disk had its own unique ID number (probably the primary key in the database). So when you created an alias, it pointed to the original file’s ID number in the database. As opposed to certain, less urbane file systems, where an alias (*cough, cough*, shortcut) would only hold the path the the original file. In these OSs, move the file and you break any links to it.

Which is where my rant about the Windows version of iTunes comes in. I often download audio files — like the Video Game Pianist’s repertoire — that go on my desktop. To make sure they sound good, I’ll open them in iTunes and give the files a listen. Then, I move them to my music directory, rename the files to my naming scheme, and add them all. The problem? iTunes’ library is permanent, so that one file that was on the desktop (and is now probably deleted) stays in my library, with one of those exclamation point icons next to it.

It would be so much easier if Windows used the scheme described above to reference files. Instead, I have to do stupid stuff when I’m not 100% on the ball. For example, if I download the Something Awful 8-Bit Christmas album and load it into iTunes from my desktop, all sorts of stupid stuff has to be done when I realize my mistake. First, I have to remove the files from my iTunes library. Then, I have to move them to my music folder. Finally, I can put them back into the library. God forbid I actually rated the files or made changes to the meta-data in iTunes’ database — that information disappeared when I moved the files.

So I have to be uber-cautious about my files, always putting them away right away. I even have to name the damn things correctly before I even load them into iTunes — if there’s a typo in one of the filenames and it’s been in iTunes for a while, collecting metadata, I’m SOL. Renaming the file, or moving the folder, renders the tracks unusable in iTunes.

There has to be a better way.

Oh, wait — there is. And it’s called Macintosh.

New Album Coming Soon…

Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

It’s been almost two years in the making, but not because of endless toil — quite the opposite, in fact. I just couldn’t find time to work on the damn thing.

inside is its name. It’s not as political as Pick Your Poison, and it has a lot more character songs. As with every album I’ve recorded, this one sounds better than the last one.

I just got vocals for 10 of the 12 or 13 songs recorded, and hope to do the last few songs sometime soon. Look for a release sometime in early summer.


  1. I Miss You
  2. Temperamental
  3. Mary’s Plea
  4. Compass Swings
  5. Here There Be Monsters
  6. Get Away
  7. Written Off
  8. Fret
  9. Soap
  10. Torn
  11. Polarize (maybe)
  12. A Glut of Food
  13. The Highway

There might be some MP3’s available in a few days.

Overdue Notice

Friday, March 10th, 2006


Mansfield Library Information Center

Dear David Michael Short:

The following item(s) must be returned to the location(s) indicated below as soon as possible.

Location: UM-Missoula
Notification Number: 1
Title: Mythical man-month : essays on software engineering / Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.
Author: Brooks, Frederick P. (Frederick Phillips)
Item ID: 33342000497831
Call #: 001.6425 B873m

Due Date: 3/2/2006

Location: UM-Missoula
Notification Number: 1
Title: GUI bloopers : don’ts and dos for software developers and Web designers / Jeff Johnson.
Author: Johnson. Jeff, Ph.D.
Item ID: 33342014010828
Call #: 005.437 J67g

Due Date: 3/2/2006

If you are liable for overdue fines remember that the fine increases the longer you keep the item. You may also be charged for the replacement cost if the item is not returned.

If you have questions or need assistance contact us at:
Location: UM-Missoula
Phone: 406-243-6734

Notice how they’re due back on the 2nd, yet the message is dated 3/9/06. Thanks for sending the overdue notice a week late! But hey, it’s a quick way to make $14, right?