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Like Mom & Dad

Monday, September 1st, 2003

I finally figured out what’s been happening to my parents these last few years. It hit me on Friday. I was playing at the KidsFirst Poetry Slamâ„¢. The plan ran thusly: first I would play a solo acoustic set, then guitar with Chris, Tim and Shawn, then I would play with the Flying Men of Zimbabwe. I tried to tell my dad this.

“So just one band is playing?”

“No, three bands, and I’m in all of them.”

“So you and the Zimbabweans are playing together, right?”

Then my mom cut in. “No, there are three different bands, and he’s playing in each of them.”

It was at this moment, when my mom explained what I was saying to my dad, that I realized my parent’s metamorphosis. They’re turning into my grandparents. It started happening so slowly I never noticed. First, my dad’s eyesight started going. Then his hearing. He would mishear things, then my mom would reiterate them. This is what my grandpa and grandma used to do all the time. My grandpa usually couldn’t follow movies without a running explaination from my grandma. It was a typical old person thing: the wife would explain to her not-listening husband.

My parents are doing this more and more often. It’s starting to freak me out. How long until my dad changes his wardrobe to just jumpsuits? How long until he starts slathering mayonnaise on everything, including cereal? How long until my mom starts clipping every coupon in the paper?

It’s awful, because they are slowly losing their ability to function as normal adults. Granted, the change will take years, but it’s happening. My parents are becoming my grandparents. And you know the scary thing?

That means I’m becoming like my parents.


FMZ Show

Monday, August 25th, 2003


We plan to watch the movie at John’s house sometime this week, then again in rec room at Knowles Hall after we move up to Missoula. Probably a good way to meet fellow geeks. I need to call John to get him to get the ball rolling. He’s a lazy bum. Examples? The 4th of July float down the Bitterroot that nearly ended in several deaths (although, technically, most of the near-death experiences were my fault) and his somewhat unplanned (though fun nonetheless) jaunts up to Missoula this summer.

Current Listening:
Unconditioned: “No Regrets”
Then God, He filled my heart
He gave me hope and a brand new start

I finally listened to the CD I bought from Unconditioned at the show Friday. The music is pretty good, but unfortunately the lyrics are literally preachy. I looked on their website, and almost every track tells me that Jesus Christ is the reason I’m around. Now music should be music, but I don’t like being told the thing in which I should believe. I don’t regret buying the CD (It’s called No Regrets, interestingly enough), but lyrical message tends to mean a lot to me, so…. hmmmm….

I guess my bass was too loud when I played with the Flying Men. They wouldn’t let me play a walking bassline on “Ed Wood Fantasy”, and we skipped “Lilacs and Icecubes”, which is my favorite song because I can cut loose on bass. But we played the new ska song, so it wasn’t all bad. I just wasn’t in a playing mood. After we played John, Aaron and I left early and went to Denny’s. Then, we went to the University Campus and played acoustic guitar back and forth underneath the Skaggs building.


Wednesday, July 23rd, 2003

I worked Monday. Same guy as before. He’s moving, so we hauled furniture into his U-Haul, then down to a storage unit. NWI is playing at the Poetry Slam on Friday, as well as (maybe) the FMZ. If any of us practice. I’m in the most recent production of Lab Rats, onstage this time — as Watson. Thursday I’m going to see Laurel’s dance thingie. I was gonna bring Maggie, but I just don’t think she’d enjoy it. I’ll take her someplace else this summer — maybe to the play at the playhouse.

I’m finally finishing my pop-punk (real pop-punk, like Queers and Screeching Weasel) record from my band The Suckers. All it needs is backup vocals.