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New Skin

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

This blog has gotten an upgraded theme, the same one that’s on my portfolio. Thanks to my lovely wife Carrie for taking my old site and making it shiny!

Cut-Off Point

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

I’ve moved this blog from its 6-year (!) home at to my own domain. I’m running the blog on WordPress now, and it has some features and options for customization that Blogger’s hosted account simply lacked. I’ve gone through and done a cursory tagging and categorization of old pages, but anything before this post will not be as shiny as newer content.

I also had to do some thinking about what exactly I want this blog to present. Going through my old posts, it was clear that the me from six years ago was very different from the me of today. As this blog is part of my website, which I present as part of my professional face, I’ve decided to bowdlerize some of the early entries. I took a lot of frankly emo content that was probably uninteresting to read anyway (well, more uninteresting than this blog’s standard, anyway!). I realize this material offers a glimpse into how I became the person I am today, but I have changed a lot since then. Some of the earlier content is more private than I would have admitted. I have also excised some of the self-righteous political rants, as well as some posts full of ‘offensive’ language and some content that paints my early-college character in a… less-than-stellar light.

In any case, since this stuff was posted on the web for years, it’s probably accessible somewhere. I realize I can’t pull a CIA-black-marker on my past, but I can try! What I censored wasn’t terrible; it was personal and often immature, and I’d like to present a better face to the world. So don’t think of this as a re-writing of my past, think of it as a promise to make future content even better.

Four Years Old

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

By the way, this blog is around four years old today. As we all know on the Internets, four years is an eternity. In light of the stupidity in Boston, I think I’ll listen to some “Spirit Journey Formation Anniversity”, but definately not Carl’s favorite song, “More Than A Feeling.” I want nothing to do with the band Boston, or the city.