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Back From the Bo-Zone / inside

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

Just got back from Bozeman a few hours ago. Jesse, AJo, Andy, Cullen and I went there to check out how their ResNet program compares to our DirectConnect program. It was informative, despite the fact that we spent twice as long traveling (eight hours) as we did doing what we came there to do (four hours). They’ve got complete control of their network (we don’t), so they can do stuff like VLAN switching and bandwidth control much easier than we can. Their web-based tools aren’t as pretty as ours, however. This is a result of my design-first, code-second philosophy.

We stayed at the Western Heritage Inn, which sounds like a front for a white power group (“Free racist mint on every pillow!”). We all played Mario Kart 64 until the wee hours of the morn; this includes my boss Jesse, which pretty much makes him the coolest boss ever.

On an altogether unrelated note, last weekend I finished vocals for inside, the new record that I’ve been working on for two years. Tracks:

  1. I Miss You – slow, moody homesickness song.
  2. This Could Be Any Day – uptempo piano pop with strings.
  3. Fret – a worried dirge.
  4. Temperamental – frenetic song about changing moods at the drop of a hat.
  5. Mary’s Plea – A synth-folk number about abortion.
  6. Jenny Lewis Will Never Go Out With You – The name says it all. Power pop.
  7. Here There Be Monsters – A riff-heavy song with horns and strings.
  8. Let’s Get Away – Lolling folk about hitting the road, Jack.
  9. Written Off – An angry folk song about cowardly homophobes.
  10. Soap – A peppy song about a shower (more philosophical than prurient)
  11. Torn – A synthy yet rocky song with beats.
  12. Polarize – Quasi-raggae horn-infused polemic.
  13. Glut of Food – Synthy
  14. The Highway – Folk-rock about Interstate 90.

It sounds pretty good. I’ll probably have CDPrintExpress run up copies again, considering the fantastic job they did on Pick Your Poison. I also have plans in the works for an EP by Page Fault, my hardcore pet project. It’s an EP called Two Minute Hate.

But first, I plan to record some B-side vocals over the weekend while I’m visiting my parents. A country song about finding god (“Lifted Up”) is first on my list. I haven’t really found him (perhaps he’s hiding under the covers), but I find songs like it beautiful. I would also like to re-record the vocals for “Synth Pop” (not its final title), a former album cut for inside but now relegated to B-side status. I might also do a ‘stripped’ version of “Written Off”, with just vocals and acoustic guitar.

Working on New Album… again

Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

I have been mixing/remixing inside. Two tracks had vocals I recorded back in January, so I got those mixed. So I have nine songs with vocals recorded that have been mixed. That leaves five songs that still need to have vocals recorded. This probably will not be until Christmas break, because I really don’t have an opportunity to record vocals in my dorm room.

I found this really neat program called Synthfont that allows you to play a MIDI file with various SoundFonts or VSTis, which is something I’ve been searching for for years. I just downloaded it today, but it looks like I may need to re-render my tracks with it. In the past I’ve used QuickTime, but it throws in reverb that basically bugs me and, as far as I can tell, one cannot deactivate. Synthfont seems a little bit buggy, but it has a neat ‘Render to File’ option that does exactly what I want.

I’m going to install Windows XP on my iMac to dual-boot. I feel kind of dirty doing it, but I need a lean, mean copy of XP for recording and mixing, and it seems like it’ll be easier to dual boot on my Mac, with Boot Camp and all. Apparently, my year-old PC is too slow to play my mixes smoothly, with all the software I run on it. I would use GarageBand on the iMac for mixing, but it’s just not ‘there’ enough to do what I want. If there was no limit on the number of AudioUnit effects you can use with it, I might try it. I’ve mixed stuff with GarageBand in the past, but it’s been a real pain.

I’ve been working on the album art for inside. It’s going to be the same type of packaging as Pick Your Poison was. There will be a color, eight-page booklet (probably from CDPrintExpress) with lyrics and art. Without giving too much away, I’ll reveal that I’ve been browsing the Morgue File for some of the art that will be in the booklet. It should be pretty thematic and cohesive, if all goes well. I’ve been using Scribus for the layout, since for the past decade or so I’ve been using Adobe PageMaker 6 for Mac OS 9.

I think that inside will be available freely online, with PDF files for the artwork. I’ve used so many free tools, artwork, SoundFonts, and programs that I feel I should give something back to the world of free software/media. The album will also be available for purchase (those CDs will cost me money, after all), although I doubt anyone will buy it. 😉

New Order/Tracks for inside

Tuesday, April 25th, 2006

After showing a pre-release copy of inside to some friends, I’ve decided to re-order some tracks, add some new ones, and drop(!) one track.

The main problem was that it was ‘too slow.’ This is a rock record, and I come from a punk background, for God’s sake! So I took a few songs I’d been working on as possible B-Sides or future songs or projects in general, and added them. I also re-structured the album, so it starts off faster and has a (hopefully) better flow than the presented before. Here is the revised tracklist, with explanations of some songs:

  1. I Miss You – The oldest song here, from early 2004. A long-distance love song.
  2. Just Another Day – A celebration of the mundane things in life… it’s got piano, a melodic bass line, and one of those fifties-era ‘build a V(7) chord with four vocal parts’ buildups.
  3. Temperamental – A fast-paced song about the frustrations of modern life, with a folksy electric lead.
  4. Fret – A piano dirge about nasty thoughts,with some nifty percussion, including an Udu.
  5. Polarize – About the 2004 elections… uh-oh, I get political. A reggae-meets-punk flip-flopper with a catchy horn and synth lead in the chorus.
  6. Get Away – A folksy song about getting away from it all, despite the repercussions.
  7. Written Off – Another song about the 2004 elections, and the hateful things said and laws passed.
  8. Jenny Lewis Will Never Go Out With You – I saw, within a month of each other, three articles in three magazines about how Jenny Lewis is the Next Big Crush for whiny indie fanbois. The truth hurts.
  9. Here There Be Monsters – A slow-building song about the fear of the unknown… especially when it’s close at hand. Timpani… timpani!!!
  10. Mary’s Plea – Two sides of an oft-debated, never-resolved issue. Folk with a touch of electronica.
  11. Lifted Up – A gospel song about finding Jesus… really!
  12. Torn – Sadly, not a cover of the Ednaswap-covered-by-Natalie Imbruglia song. A vaguely hip-hop beat.
  13. Soap – A song about washing away the nagging worries of life.
  14. A Glut of Food – Bongoes and shakers give way to electronic drum hisses, with a reggae guitar skank thrown in for good measure.
  15. The Highway – Impressions of I-90 between Couer d’Alene and Missoula. Folksy with a twist of alternative guitar.

The record clocks in at a beefy 54 minutes, so one track might be cut… but I don’t know which! They’re all so precious to me. Vocals need to be recorded for “Just Another Day”, “Polarize”, “Jenny Lewis”, “Lifted Up”, “Glut of Food”, and “The Highway.” This probably won’t happen until summer, when the dorms clear out and I can sing without feeling like a lunatic.

Also, expect an EP to be released soon after… it will include a cover of “Hey Sandy” by Polaris, best known as the theme song to Nickelodian’s The Adventures of Pete and Pete..

Lyrics: “Here There Be Monsters”

Friday, March 31st, 2006

Where is safety? What is freedom?
I don’t know
The sounds of pleasure and of failure
Cannot stow
Abord my heart and in the attic
We lose out
Heavy breathing, heavy burdens
Heavy burdens

Here there be monsters
Bloodcurdling hot calls
Inside is anger
Chipped teeth on our walls

I am one with all my brethren
Shards of meaning find their way home
Back to hate
Can they say monsters are here now
Or do they
Breathe in silence, watch in anger
watch in anger


Building fences, killing the lights
Our own past
Haunts us freely, daunts us daily
Chooses well
Monsters find us wherever we
Choose to hide
The chase beats us, we beat ourselves
We beat ourselves

Splinters, outbursts
They are coming for you and me
Preying on fear
The monsters aren’t coming anymore
They’re already

Here there be monsters
Devouring from within
Feeding on anger
Bathing in our sins
Here there be monsters
The monsters in us all
Feeding on anger
From within our walls

New Album Coming Soon…

Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

It’s been almost two years in the making, but not because of endless toil — quite the opposite, in fact. I just couldn’t find time to work on the damn thing.

inside is its name. It’s not as political as Pick Your Poison, and it has a lot more character songs. As with every album I’ve recorded, this one sounds better than the last one.

I just got vocals for 10 of the 12 or 13 songs recorded, and hope to do the last few songs sometime soon. Look for a release sometime in early summer.


  1. I Miss You
  2. Temperamental
  3. Mary’s Plea
  4. Compass Swings
  5. Here There Be Monsters
  6. Get Away
  7. Written Off
  8. Fret
  9. Soap
  10. Torn
  11. Polarize (maybe)
  12. A Glut of Food
  13. The Highway

There might be some MP3’s available in a few days.