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Letter to the Kaimin

Saturday, September 30th, 2006

Note: The ‘scene’ I was referring to was an all-too-common one: idiots on both sides of a debate yelling at one another. In this case, it was an anti-abortion raving lunatic with a sign depicting a dead fetus on one side and ill-informed college kids on the other.

Dear Editor,

The scene outside the UC on Monday illustrates the sad state of public discourse today. The context of the confrontation – preachers with signs shouting at passersby, and vice-versa – demonstrates that too often, these issues boil down to one group of idiots yelling at another. The abortion debate is tough because it involves an ethical decision. Factions on either side of the divide scramble to find facts that support their position, but they come up empty-handed. Sadly, there is no way to logically prove that one side or another is correct. We choose based on our own gut feelings about the issue. We cannot resolve the debate cleanly because no solution exists that would satisfy both sides equally. So in the heat of the moment, the pro-choicers and pro-lifers cannot recall the arguments they have constructed, and are left screaming epithets and trite, meaningless catchphrases like “My body, my choice” and “every life has value” at each other. Clearly they are in the wrong frame of mind. A solution to the perceived problem involves negotiation and compromise, not cursing and covering one’s ears. These solutions are not limited to just the abortion issue, but every political debate we engage in. Unfortunately, name-calling and sloganeering often elicit more of a response in people than level-headed debate, which is why scenes like Monday’s are all too common.

Deer on Campus

Friday, September 5th, 2003

Deer. On campus. That’s what we saw last night (Wednesday night) as we sat at a table outside the country store. They were running right across campus. One of ’em made it across Arthur to the University District, the others fled into the Jesse/Knowles parking lot.

Tony’s been up here the last few nights, helping Brooke with her computer. The thing is the digital equivalent of Linda Blair in the fine documentary The Exorcist.

Dad came through tonight (he was returning from Seattle) and we ate at the Pita Pit. Pretty good food. I finally got an answering machine! Bobby (he’s my roommate) thinks we should put a kick-ass greeting on there, and I wholeheartedly agree.

I might get a job editing copy at the Kaimin, which is the school’s paper. We’ll see. I’m really trying on the application!