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Adventures on the High Seas

Sunday, June 27th, 2004

Link of the Update: Dino-Riders: Does anybody else remember this? Lasers and dinosaurs? The two coolest things ever?

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Dr. Frank: “She Turned Out to Be Crazy”
Show Business is My Life

She turned out to be crazy
And she just wouldn’t stop
She kept calling me
She kept following me
And her dad was a cop

So I went up to Priest Lake for a few days this week. My grandparents used to have a cabin up there, but they sold it. We found the guy who owns it now and rented it for a week. I hiked to a beautiful upper lake and even built a sandcastle.

It was, I can quite honestly say, the best sandcastle ever built in the history of humankind. I put up 5-foot long board as a breakwater. I gave my tiny sandpeople a moat fed by the lake, and lined it with rocks to keep the banks from eroding, sending hundred of thousands of imaginary sand dollars’ worth of imaginary sand houses to their imaginary sand deaths. I even managed to create two towers — you know, the kind you build by putting wet sand into a bucket and tipping it onto the beach — despite the fact that the sand on the beach was so coarse that my brother was skipping grains of sand across the lake. I thought to myself, not even God him (or her, Women’s Libbers) could destroy this marvelous piece of engineering.

I managed to spend about two hours on the dock before a storm blew in. Now, this is not an uncommon occurance at Priest Lake — everybody’s heard about the crazy weather in Idaho! (EDITOR’S NOTE: this is a joke. Obviously, the people in Idaho are crazy, not the weather. Maybe a little bit of both)

This was not your garden-variety, get-the-towels-drying-on-the-rack-wet storm, this was a storm. Two trees feel on the cabin property (each one managing to hit a building), it was hailing, new creeks formed on the trails, and the cleats on the dock broke loose, putting my uncle’s boat in peril.

My uncle, of course, ran on the dock to tie it up. In a raging storm. With rain. And hail. And waves going over the dock. So of course my father, cousin, and cousin’s husband ran out to help him. It was insane. This was a scene from some stupid movie where the Captain of a dilapidated old freighter decides to sail into a hurricane for some reason and very nearly sinks the ship. The hail began sticking to the dock, turning it into a sheet of ice. It turns out that Sid, the owner of the cabin, had lost a finger and his boat doing the same thing. All I could do, man that I wasn’t, was sit there sipping my Mike’s Hard Lemonade (that alone proves I’m no man) and shooting pictures with a camera.

The storm abated and the boat did not sink, but something horrible did happen — my sandcastle was erased, as if God were challening my audacity. Lesson learned, God. Jerk.

Back From Bozeman

Tuesday, March 9th, 2004
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ALL: “Good As My Word”
I’m just as good as my word

No matter what you’ve heard

I haven’t updated this in sooooo long. I know. And right now I’ll swear to make a million updates, but I know I’ll start slacking, soon.

Charlie, Bob, a drummer named Kevin and I have started playing in a band again. It’s in a much harder-core vein than Nerds With Instruments. I actually haven an MP3 demo of a song up, too. Now, bear in mind that it’s all me: [Atomic Summer]. I recorded this with GarageBand, another kickass iLife product from Apple.

It is of utmost importance that we vote George W. Bush out of office. More later, including many rants. I’ve been considering starting an Anti-Bush website, too: “Liberal, pissed, biased, and proud of it!”

Carrie, Aaron, Lindsey, Randi and I went to Bozeman last weekend to visit Pat. The poor guy was lonely. MSU’s dorms are bigger, cleaner, and the people are nicer. I came home and there were beer cans on the elevator, my anti-Bush posters were ripped down, and some jackass has moved the stall door in the bathroom past the little stoppers, so now they do not stay closed. On the positive side, it was warmer here today than in Bozeman. 😛