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Project Timeline Description Partners * Category
Audio Components Fall 2005 Audio hardware diagramming software None School Projects
Bricks February 2009 Customizable Breakout clone None Personal Projects
Flyby Fall 2006 3D terrain grapher None School Projects
Jump Spring 2005 Simple platform game None Personal Projects
Polyhymnia December 2007 MIDI piano roll editor None Personal Projects
Spaceroids Summer 2010 Direct3D Asteroids clone None Personal Projects
Widget Store Spring 2007 Faux e-commerce website None School Projects
Yeti DHCP Server April 2006 – May 2008 Custom DHCP server None DirectConnect Office
Game of Life Spring 2005 Cellular automata simulator 1 School Projects
Nifty CMS Framework Fall 2008 – Present Flexible Framework and CMS 1 Bigfork Web
Campus Quest Spring 2006 Simple RPG 2 School Projects
Glacier Park International Airport Fall 2009 Networked PDF Generator 2 Bigfork Web
Montana Weed Control Association Fall 2009 Hierarchical CMS with Wordpress integration 2 Bigfork Web
Silent Draw Outdoors Fall 2009 Site with video player and manager 2 Bigfork Web
Speaking Gump Fall 2008 Photo management system 2 Bigfork Web
NFS StoneRiver April 2009 DotNetNuke Setup 3–4 Bigfork Web
Connection Process Spring 2006 — Spring 2008 5+ DirectConnect Office
DCOHome October 2004 – May 2008 Student information database manager 5+ DirectConnect Office