About Me

Fact: I rarely play video games that were released after 1998.

Fact: I share the same birthday with Benoît Mandelbrot. I learned this from a Jonathan Coulton song.

Fact: Java used to be one of my favorite languages, but I like a lot of features of C# better.

Fact: Regular expressions just might save the world someday.

Fact: I find ternary if statements to be ugly and counterintuitive.

Fact: The first programming I did was in HyperTalk, a classic programming system for Mac OS.

Fact: My favorite math property is commutativity, which is why I dislike matrix multiplication.

Fact: I prefer to put open curly braces on a new line, instead of right after the control statement.

Fact: I considered minoring in music or drama before switching to CS.

Fact: I have a collection of every Bloom County and Outland book released.

Fact: I believe a good piece of code should look as beautiful as a piece of poetry... maybe more e.e. cummings than Shakespeare, but beautiful nonetheless!

Fact: One of my favorite CS subjects is user interface design.

Fact: My hometown's the original WWW: Walla Walla, Washington.

Fact: I have been in several bands, including Killing the Hare, Nerds With Instruments, and the Markovs.

Fact: I think Picard was a better captain than Kirk.

Fact: I have arguments with my father because he doesn't believe that 0.999... = 1.

Fact: I collected exactly 50 issues of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Sonic the Hedgehog comic books from Archie before I stopped reading them.