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5 projects have been tagged with "BWD":

Glacier Park International Airport

A project for airport employees that integrates multiple techonologies. The site pulls Notices To Airmen (NOTAMs) from the FAA's Aeronautical Information Data Access Portal (AIDAP) server, then writes it to PDF files for pilots to view or print.

Montana Weed Control Association

A hierarchical CMS integrated with WordPress, including a search for both and an events module.

Nifty CMS Framework

This is the framework and CMS I developed for my BigforkWEB Development projects. Its primary use is for new CMS sites, but I've used the framework itself in almost all my sites.

Silent Draw Outdoors

A hunting site with episodes of an online TV show available for stream. I worked on the front end video player and back end video management system.

Speaking Gump

A user-friendly photo management system.