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Audio Components

An application for laying out complex audio equipment cabling. Saves files as XML files. Includes clipboard support, component import/export, parts needed lists, and a trace animation that demonstrates a signal's path through the equipment.

Campus Quest

A Legend-of-Zelda-style RPG. Includes scrolling, sprites, and a scripting system for controlling game actions.


Flyby is an OpenGL-based 3D terrain simulator. It reads data from topographic maps of the earth, then displays it in a 3-D window, with camera controls including pitch, yaw, and movement. Includes ability to dynamically change landscape height factor.

Game of Life

An implementation of Conway's Game of Life, with interchangeable rules and configuration options, and board saving support. Includes full code, video, and downloadable jar executable.


One of the things that got me into wanting to develop software was the old video games I uses to play; since I was young, I've wanted to make a platform game. This is one of my earlier attempts, started after my first year of Computer Science, and before I learned a lot about good software engineering and even basics of the Java language.


This was a personal projects with two aims: to learn more about the MIDI file format, and to develop a multi-platform MIDI sequencer with the feature set I liked (combining the best aspected of the several programs I'd tried). Unfortuantely, about a month into development, I found a good program (<a href="http://www.cockos.com/reaper/" rel="external">Reaper</a>) and my need to write my own diminshed, to the detriment of the project.

Yeti DHCP Server

A DHCP server that assigns IP address leases based upon a defined set of rules. Used to serve IP addresses to the University of Montana residence halls.