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A clone of the classic arcade game Breakout, with lots of enhancements that clones like this are known for. I wrote this mostly to strengthen my knowledge of C# and the .NET API. Includes a download of the game and source code.


One of the things that got me into wanting to develop software was the old video games I uses to play; since I was young, I've wanted to make a platform game. This is one of my earlier attempts, started after my first year of Computer Science, and before I learned a lot about good software engineering and even basics of the Java language.


This was a personal projects with two aims: to learn more about the MIDI file format, and to develop a multi-platform MIDI sequencer with the feature set I liked (combining the best aspected of the several programs I'd tried). Unfortuantely, about a month into development, I found a good program (<a href="http://www.cockos.com/reaper/" rel="external">Reaper</a>) and my need to write my own diminshed, to the detriment of the project.


A Direct3D Asteroids clone. It started out as a simple attempt to learn Direct3D by figuring out how to tesselate a sphere with triangles, but evolved from there.