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Audio Components

An application for laying out complex audio equipment cabling. Saves files as XML files. Includes clipboard support, component import/export, parts needed lists, and a trace animation that demonstrates a signal's path through the equipment.


A clone of the classic arcade game Breakout, with lots of enhancements that clones like this are known for. I wrote this mostly to strengthen my knowledge of C# and the .NET API. Includes a download of the game and source code.

Campus Quest

A Legend-of-Zelda-style RPG. Includes scrolling, sprites, and a scripting system for controlling game actions.

Glacier Park International Airport

A project for airport employees that integrates multiple techonologies. The site pulls Notices To Airmen (NOTAMs) from the FAA's Aeronautical Information Data Access Portal (AIDAP) server, then writes it to PDF files for pilots to view or print.