Projects: Widget Store


Class: Advanced Web Programming (CS 435)
Term: Spring 2007
Application Type: Online Store
Status: Complete
Application Type: Web Storefront
Technologies: ColdFusion, HTML/CSS, AJAX


This was a mock e-commerce website for the Advanced Web Programming assignment. It was the final assignment of the class, and we were allowed free reign to choose a web technology and project. I decided to do an Amazon-like site, with shopping cart and PayPal integration. This was building on a previous assignment I had, which was a special project to demonstrate ColdFusion to the class (we had mostly been learning about JSP and ASP.NET).

The most I learned was about PayPal integration. Our professor showed us how to set up links to PayPal, so all transactions could go through a secure website. It turns out it's easier than I thought, and you can have all of your shopping cart data transferred, making for a professional experience. I also learned quite a bit about JavaScript, as I had to do some tinkering to get the drag-and-drop shopping cart working.

If I could work on this project again, I'd clean it up a little bit, and add more functionality. What you see is more of a bare-bones sketch of an e-commerce website. Additionally, I'd pick something else to use for my sample data — it's hard to write test data about GUI Widgets!