Projects: Bricks


Timeline: Feb. 2009
Application Type: Breakout Clone
Status: Complete
Technologies: C#
Partners: None


This is another video game, this time a clone of the classic arcade game Breakout. I wrote this game as a demonstration of programming in C#, and using the .NET Framework. It's a fairly simple program, but it gave me a chance to work with many standard .NET libraries, including file reading/writing, GUI classes, sound support, threading, and graphics.

I added some bells and whistles to the game, both to make it more interesting to program, and more interesting to code. The game doesn't exist to be a game that you would actually play, it's there to show what I know in the C#/.NET envronment. My primary concentration was on the architecture and coding, not on the gameplay. In this case, it was an example of the journey being more important than the final project.

I had a lot of fun writing this one, just because I made a lot of discoveries about the .NET Framework that didn't come up in the other projects I've done. It was hard to resist the temptation to add new features. Luckily, I managed to concentrate on getting the feature set I'd planned out implemented, and only a few new features snuck into the finished project. Now that I have this 0.9 release, I may make some changes and complete a new version. I know the sound could use some upgrades beyond the simple sine waves that are currently use, and the gameplay could probably use both more levels and more balance.


Files and Links

  • Executable — The windows executable of the game program. Requires the .NET framework.
  • Source Code — The C# source code files, zipped up with a .sln file.


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