These are my terse, Robert Christgau-inspired 'Tweetviews.' They're reviews I post on Twitter while I listen to an album. Twitter only allows 140 characters for each post, and by the time I get the artist name, album name, rating, and tag (#tgau, which comes from Christgau's short form, XGau, because a lowercase 't' is like a rotated 'x', kind of, and 't' is short for Twitter, and the tag's only 4 characters while being unique), I don't have much room for the actual review. Hence, trying to fit something meaningful in the ~100 characters I have left for the review text is sometimes tough. I often find I have to type up something, then pare it down so it fits. Probably a lot of these review tweets are exactly 140 characters long.

I am unquestionably biased, as the music has to have been interesting enough for me to want to listen to.


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Average: 3.16
Std. dev: 1.15

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Bad ReligionThe Dissent of Man

These guys are pros at making the same album sound good, even after 30 years.


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Ben FoldsLonely Avenue

Nick Hornby's words allowed Mr. Folds to concentrate on the music, and it shows. Delightful.


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ChumbawambaA Singsong and a Scrap

There's so much more to this band than "Tubthumping." This may well be a perfect folk record


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Glee CastVolume 2

Stunningly... gleeful. Would get a 4, but they cut the deaf kid's verse on 'Imagine,' undermining its point.


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Glee CastVolume 1

Strong songs bookend this album. The middle third of the selections may work on TV, but not as an album.