I've finally got some music uploaded! You can find 3–4 tracks from most of the albums I've recorded below. Please listen to the earlier stuff with an open mind, as I was still learning how to make music while I recorded these, and it (sometimes painfully) shows.

I am working on a system where you can pay what you like for any of the downloads. This is complicated slightly by two factors: I've recorded lots of cover songs, which requires reporting royalties and other PITA activities, and I also plan to offer physical CDs at some point in the future. For now, download and enjoy all of these tracks for free!

Done with the proper colors?

Mayday (Single)
The Suckers

A single for the 2012 May Day celebration in Seattle.

Released 5/1/2012

  1. Mayday (4.6 MB)
  2. Give Me a Break (1.9 MB)
  3. Message in a Beer Bottle (2.6 MB)

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Sour Grapes the Fable

Sour Grapes
The Suckers

After much delay and a few re-recordings, the new pop-punk album from The Suckers is here. This is three-chord fun in the style of the Ramones, Screeching Weasel, or Teenage Bottlerocket.

Released 8/24/2010

  1. Every Girl (3.2 MB)
  2. Bumper Sticker Warrior (3.1 MB)
  3. Sour Grapes (5.5 MB)
  4. 4 a.m. (2.0 MB)
  5. You Need a Lobotomy (3.8 MB)
  6. My Body Hates Me (3.2 MB)
  7. Twerp (3.1 MB)
  8. Not Buying In (5.0 MB)
  9. Wandering Home (3.0 MB)
  10. Get a Job (3.2 MB)
  11. Snow (2.1 MB)
  12. Not My World (4.5 MB)
  13. Have Fun (870 K)
  14. Down the Stairs (4.4 MB)
  15. Douchebag (3.2 MB)
  16. Waste Away (6.2 MB)
  17. Waiting For... (5.1 MB)

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Just a close-up of our Christmas tree.

Christmas 2009
Dave Short

Merry Christmas! Every Christmas since 2005, I've recorded a CD of Christmas songs for my mom (who really loves Christmas). I've gathered a compilation of those songs and posted them as a Christmas gift for you. The main criterion was actually that the song be freely available, so I can just give away the tracks for free. So, in the holiday spirit, please download and listen to some of these tracks.
The genera run the gamut from classical instrumental medleys to punk rock rave-ups. There are also a few original songs on here, too. My sister sings lead on two of the tracks.

Released 12/24/2009

  1. Best Christmas Ever (4.5 MB)
  2. Angels We Have Heard on High (4.8 MB)
  3. We Wish You a Merry Christmas (3.4 MB)
  4. Christmas in Dickensville (5.0 MB)
  5. O Come All Ye Faithful / Deck the Halls / O Christmas Tree (4.4 MB)
  6. Here We Come a-Wassailing (3.1 MB)
  7. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (3.6 MB)
  8. The First Noel / Joy to the World (3.3 MB)
  9. Silent Night (3.6 MB)
  10. Good King Wenceslas (3.8 MB)
  11. Christmas Thanks (5.1 MB)
  12. Coventry Carol / God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / What Child is This? / O Come, Emmanuel (5.1 MB)
  13. Auld Lang Syne (4.6 MB)

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inside. cover.

Dave Short

My latest 'official' album (not including the Christmas CDs). I tried to make it more personal than Pick Your Poison, but the politics still managed to get through. "Written Off" is, I think, one of my most powerful songs.

Released 4/17/2007

  1. This Could Be Any Day (4.8 MB)
  2. Mary's Plea (5.5 MB)
  3. Jenny Lewis Will Never Go Out With You (5.2 MB)
  4. Written Off (5.8 MB)

Cover -- drawn by yours truly (and it shows!).

Break Even

The Markovs play regular old punk rock. Influenced by Bad Religion, Lagwagon, and ALL/The Descendents, among others.

Released 1/4/2005

  1. Not Empty (3.2 MB)
  2. Knockout (2.6 MB)
  3. United We Stand (3.5 MB)
  4. Naomi (3.3 MB)

I did the art, my (future) wife did the coloring.

Pick Your Poison
Dave Short

This album came out right before the 2004 election, and it is quite political in nature. Everyone was hating everyone else, which was quite absurd, and wound up influencing the lyrics to a great degree.

Released 10/26/2004

  1. Double Take (4.1 MB)
  2. Lonely Planet (7.8 MB)
  3. Political Party (4.6 MB)
  4. Same Old Same (3.3 MB)

The cover, drawn by Carrie and colored by myself.

The Suckers

Music from The Suckers is heavily influenced by pop-punk bands like The Ramones, Screeching Weasel, and The Queers. Three chords and a snotty attitude. Remastered in August 2009.

Released 9/28/2004

  1. Go Suck An Egg (2.4 MB)
  2. I Just Called To Say I Hate You (2.6 MB)
  3. What's-Her-Name (939 K)
  4. You're Wrong (3.6 MB)
  5. A Normal Life (6.8 MB)

Another one with art by Carrie.

Play The Big Show
Nerds With Instruments

This was one of the bands I was in in my hometown. We played fast, snotty punk. Shawn Ames sang (and played trumpet), and the Collins Brothers (Jerod and Chance) provided the rhythm section -- bass and drums. "Mary Jane Parker" is my "Smells Like Teen Spirit" -- whenever I go somewhere, people who know my music ask to hear it. It''s the song I can't escape.

Released 6/17/2003

  1. Everything is Fine (3.4 MB)
  2. Mary Jane Parker (3.5 MB)
  3. Vinny is a Cretin (2.0 MB)
  4. Shut Up (2.0 MB)

Another one I did the artwork for. Doesn't it show?

Dave Short

I recorded this album over spring break of my first year in college. It's a sad, painful album that focuses a lot on a girl that I was heartbroken over at the time. It's melancholy, but I wouldn't go so far as to call it 'emo.'

Released 6/2/2003

  1. Misanthropomorphic (3.7 MB)
  2. Paradise Lost (4.7 MB)
  3. Growing Pains (5.6 MB)

Every artist has at least one album with his photo on the cover, right?

The Motor Oil, Snot, & Honey LP
Dave Short

This album was recorded in a rush right after I finished my first one. I was still learning the tricks of the trade (and basic things like rhythm).

Released 11/18/2002

  1. Impolitically Correct (4.2 MB)
  2. Miles Away (3.5 MB)
  3. August 3 (3.5 MB)

First album cover. Nice and simple.

Dave Short

My first album, recorded over one glorious week at my parent's house while I was house-sitting. After I finished recording this and my parents returned, I immediately left with friends for the Warped Tour. Please remember that I was still learning music (and singing) as I was recording this. Don't expect a lot of talent.

Released 9/9/2002

  1. Holy Grail (2.9 MB)
  2. Exlcude (3.0 MB)
  3. 1984 Overture (2.1 MB)
  4. June 1 (3.1 MB)