Projects: Audio Components


Class: Intro to Programming II (CS 132)
Term: Fall 2005
Status: Incomplete
Partners: None
Technologies: Java, XML


This was my final project for the Java II class. I set out to create an application for diagramming the setup of complex audio equipment, such as stereoes, live band rigs, and recording studios.

I learned a lot about some of the Swing GUI features, including window alignment and control. Additionally, I learned a lot about writing XML parsers, as I wrote my own small parser to read and write layout files. Finally, I learned a bit about the document model, as this was the first 'editor' program I'd done that allowed multiple files to be open in multiple windows.

If I could do this project again, I would start it sooner. Despite the fact that I started it early in the semester, I still did not have enough time to implement all the features I wanted -- printing being a one of the most obvious missing features. I would also devote more time to debugging, as I was finishing this project up until the day it was due. This left very little time to eliminate bugs, and there are still a few in the code.


Files and Links

  • Source Code — The source code for the project. Also includes a couple of example layout files.
  • Executable JAR — A runnable JAR version of the program. Can be run with java -jar audio.jar, although double-clicking it should work, too.
  • Sample Layouts — Some sample layouts of different audio components. Also includes a few importable devices.


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