Projects: Jump



Timeline: Spring-Summer 2005
Application Type: Platform game
Status: Development ended
Technologies: Java
Partners: None


Video games are what got me into programming in the first place, and one of my goals since learning to program has been to develop a platform game in the style of Super Mario Bros or Sonic the Hedgehog. This was one of my earlier attempts, started soon after I began my first Java 1 classes at UM.

Although it was an interesting trial, the game suffered from some problems, especially architectural problems. I hadn't been in classes long enough to properly engineer something as complicated as a platform game, and the code shows it. I didn't even know enough about Polymorphism and Inheritance to create a viable class hierarchy. The main level file stores a collection of the sprites as Object files, and uses an 'Identifier' field to determine what type of object (player, coin, wall, enemy, and so on) each sprite is.

I eventually reached a point where proceding would be wasting effort, as I learned more about Object-Oriented Programming. The concept would benefit from a complete re-engineering, which I have started now that school is finished.