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Project * Timeline Description Partners Category
Audio Components Fall 2005 Audio hardware diagramming software None School Projects
Bricks February 2009 Customizable Breakout clone None Personal Projects
Campus Quest Spring 2006 Simple RPG 2 School Projects
Connection Process Spring 2006 — Spring 2008 5+ DirectConnect Office
DCOHome October 2004 – May 2008 Student information database manager 5+ DirectConnect Office
Flyby Fall 2006 3D terrain grapher None School Projects
Game of Life Spring 2005 Cellular automata simulator 1 School Projects
Glacier Park International Airport Fall 2009 Networked PDF Generator 2 Bigfork Web
Jump Spring 2005 Simple platform game None Personal Projects
Montana Weed Control Association Fall 2009 Hierarchical CMS with Wordpress integration 2 Bigfork Web
NFS StoneRiver April 2009 DotNetNuke Setup 3–4 Bigfork Web
Nifty CMS Framework Fall 2008 – Present Flexible Framework and CMS 1 Bigfork Web
Polyhymnia December 2007 MIDI piano roll editor None Personal Projects
Silent Draw Outdoors Fall 2009 Site with video player and manager 2 Bigfork Web
Spaceroids Summer 2010 Direct3D Asteroids clone None Personal Projects
Speaking Gump Fall 2008 Photo management system 2 Bigfork Web
Widget Store Spring 2007 Faux e-commerce website None School Projects
Yeti DHCP Server April 2006 – May 2008 Custom DHCP server None DirectConnect Office