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Wednesday, April 13th, 2005

It’s half past midnight on a Thursday. I’m brushing my teeth in the first-floor bathroom of Jesse Hall. As the mundane events of the day tumble through my brain like grains of sand in an hourglass, I hear something. It’s quiet, but unmistakeable. “Ode to Joy.” Beneath my feet. Someone’s playing fiddle in the music practice room. Not super-fancy music-major pyrotechnics. Just good, honest-to-God fiddle.

I like to record music, and since I’m the only person I work well with, I like to do it alone. Unfortunately, my music misses the instrumentation I can’t play myself — pretty much everything but guitar, bass, and keyboards. Here’s a chance to get a real instrument in one of my songs, a musician besides myself. Of course, I have to get the building’s master key (I’m on the staff) to get into the music room. Would that seem weird to the fiddler under my feet? “Hi, I’m Dave, and I like to record music. Care to work with me?”

Or I could just go to bed. It’s late. Work is early tomorrow morning. And my teeth are brushed. What if the mystery fiddler is an exchange student, and I somehow intimidate him or her? What if they say no?

Ultimately, time becomes the deciding factor. As suddenly as it had started, it stops. I spit out my toothpace, race to the office, and grab my master key. At the elevator, I press both the down and up button, in case I catch the fiddler on his way up. He should be pretty easy to see, right? The guy with the fiddle?

I get to the basement and the door of the music room. No fiddling. I open the door, and there’s Nick. He’s a student in my building. We say hi when we pass by each other. We’ve even had one or two philosophical conversations. There’s a fiddle at his feet.

“Hi,” I say. “Wanna make some music?” I don’t have a fiddle part written. I don’t even have a song written.

But there’s plenty of time.

Submitted For Your Approval: PodBragger

Tuesday, April 12th, 2005

podbragger. Noun. One who wears those white iPod headphone but feels the need to always be holding his iPod, too, so that everyone else knows he’s actually got one and is not fooling us with a CD player.

Speaking as one of the apparently billions of people on campus with an iPod, I try to hide the damn thing. Not that I’m afraid of being mugged or anything. I just don’t wan’t to look like a podbragger. I’m kind of ashamed, since iPods became this big status symbol thing.

Rocky Horror is On

Tuesday, April 5th, 2005

How do I constantly find opportunities to wear women’s clothing? Last year for my Acting II class I played a queen (a medieval queen, smartass), replete with gigantic prom dress, huge high heels, and a tiny tiara. And last summer, I got conned into playing Dr. Frankenfurter in a local cast show of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This, obviously, was a step up (or down), as I was now wearing women’s underwear, as well. And a corsette. And pearls.

And now I’m doing it again. The show will be on May 14th, the day after the last day of finals week. Most of the original cast (at least, the major players — Brad, Janet, and Eddie/Dr. Scott) will be returning as well. We’ll get seven weeks to practice, instead of one. It should be fun.

More details will be appearing as I get them. Maybe even some pictures and crap.