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Tuesday, July 8th, 2003

Well, we’re all set for Thursday. Laurel, Shawn, Sarah, and I are going to the Osprey game.

There are these friggin’ birds on my road. They dive-bomb me whenever I walk by. It’s really quite stupid; what better way is there to reveal your nest than to freak out whenever somebody walks by? They have an annoying call to: it’s kind of a ‘caw’, and kind of a squawk. I hate it!

So I pick up rocks, and kind of toss them into the air when they swoop at me. I don’t throw them all hardcore. If I hit one and it fell I’d feel awful. But they’re a pain in the arse, and they’re getting worse! The first year I encountered them they just kinda swooped at me above my head. Now they’re about a foot away at the troughs of their dives. They started coming at me after my junior year, before CWW. That’s when I started walking: to get my (then) new boots broken in.

I’m working someplace new tomorrow. Construction cleanup. I got awful directions, so of course I have no idea where to go. What else is new?

The family leaves on Thursday for Walla Walla and wherever else they’re going. It kind of makes me sad; I haven’t gone on vacation with them for a long time. I’m gonna be all alone! :-(


Saturday, July 5th, 2003

Does anybody know how they could show South Park: Bigger, Longer, And Uncut in its entirety, uncensored, last night? That’s what I watched, and it was like, “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.” I always assumed that the premium channels could show whatever they wanted and cable

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had to watch the language — at least the bad stuff. Then again, they had that one episode where they said “shut” about 175 times in a half-hour. So I dunno.

I have to work today. That’s good because I get money, but bad because I’m sore from yesterday’s adventures. Maybe I’ll take some asprin before I head off to my daily labors, eh?

Ooo! The family’s going on vacation on Thursday, and they’re leaving me Missoula Osprey tickets. I’m not a baseball fan, but there are four of them! I’ll have to find people to go. I can’t really see too many of my friends being into sports or baseball.

I really need to fix my sleeping habits. I fell asleep at midnight (during the South Park movie) and woke up at 3:30 AM, then headed for bed. Why can’t I consciously go to sleep (heh) instead of kind of drifting off wherever I am?

Oh, and I’m a wussy. Nothing new. 😉