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Time for some Googlebombing

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006

According to digg, Bjoern Harste, a German blogger, received a cease and desist order from his city regarding his blog. Apparently, they want him to stop using their name in his blog, because it’s coming up in the top 10 on Google and they don’t want surfers to think that his blog is associated with the city. Obviously, Sozialgericht Bremen doesn’t quite understand how Google works.

I can’t read the German, but I ran it through Google translation. Besides, Cease and Desist orders just piss me off. Everybody’s so damned touchy about their image and so forth. WTF ever.

If you want to help the city out, please don’t link to with “Sozialgericht Bremen” as your link text, as this would push Bjoern’s page even higher in the ranking. Wink, wink.