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Tuesday, October 26th, 2004

Current Listening: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – “Don’t Do Me Like That” (Greatest Hits)

I was talkin’ with a friend of mine / Said a woman done hurt his pride / Told him that she loved him so, then / Turned around and let him go

So I got the CD’s down to Rockin’ Rudies and Ear Candy, and a promo copy to KBGA, the college radio station. The local music program airs from 5pm-8pm on Saturdays, so give it a listen… 😉

Here, of course, is the box of CD’s:

And here’s my George Bush ‘Liar’ T-Shirt, which came yesterday. Excuse my freakish look and wild, untrimmed hair:

Pick Your Poison’s Here / Where I Stand

Monday, October 25th, 2004

It actually came on Tuesday, but it’s been a busy week. Tomorrow, I’ll do my best to get a couple of Missoula vendors to sell copies for me. I might even look into a PayPal arrangement for ordering them online.

It looks great — type is readable, colors are vibrant, and the whole package looks pretty professional. I’m psyched. As I was staring in awe at my one-year-in-the-making baby, I noticed that I come across pretty negative on the record. But that’s NOT the case! I swear. So, here is my not-so-expert opinion.

Where I Stand

I got my George W. Bush ‘LIAR’ shirt in the mail today. I was prepared to engage at least one Bush supporter in a less-than-intelligent conversation about it, but all I got was ‘Cool shirt.’ Silly liberal campus. Anyway, I had a response prepared for what I thought was inevitable: well, my “Kerry LIAR” shirt is in the wash. There is no shirt that I’m aware of. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought that, given the choice, I would wear one. After all, it’s sort of a prerequisite to being a politician (or a human being). Everybody hurts (sorry Michael), and everybody lies.

And that bothers me. The basic stance of Pick Your Poison is that you’re damned if you do, you’re damned if you don’t. Vote for Bush, four more years of stupidity. Kerry doesn’t look any better. But the problem I see goes way beyond the candidates; it’s the parties themselves, and the two-party system, that’s to blame. We’ve becomed trapped in a mindset and it’s a very destructive one: black and white, left and right, one and zero, Kramer and Kramer. Things just aren’t that simple. But the American people have grown up all their lives being told that only two choices are viable, so they have to round off their views and go with the lesser of two evils.

Which is exactly wrong. Why would you vote for a candidate who only supports 60% of your own views? Fear isn’t an answer. To vote Kerry just to keep Bush winning is spiteful, cowardly, and wrong. If you don’t believe in somebody, you don’t vote for them. It’s that simple. It’s time we stopped turning elections into exhibits of fear and started turning them toward the issues.

As I said, our current method of choosing our representatives is outdated. We need a more representative system, one where the winner does not claim everything. The majority is not right all the time. That’s a simple fact. Politics has been stagnating for as long as I can remember. You’d think that with Internet and TV, people would be more informed, but the opposite is true. The Internet is binary by its very nature, ones and zeros, and that binarism filters down, or up, to its information. Every blogger’s either a militant Republican or a smarmy, smart-ass Democrat. Where’s the middle ground? Or the area outside the middle? TV is no better.

We’re heading down a dangerous road. Right now, the two parties in control have made it so that no other parties can possibly be able to challenge them or change things. Thanks to our advances in technology and culture, we’ve accelerated the fall-of-empire syndrome. What took Rome hundreds of years may take us only a few. And that sucks, because America is great, and it still can be. What we need to do is get off our asses and scream, We’ve had enough!. It’s time to stop shouting down others’ views and time to listen, it’s time to make things right. Not the way each of us wants them, but right.

It’s a long road, but it’s possible. Back in 1776, I’m sure that a nation that chooses its leader peacefully was as much a pipe dream as my wish. Anything’s possible, given the power of change.

Pick Your Poison

Tuesday, October 19th, 2004

My first ‘official’ solo CD, Pick Your Poison, is finished. I went all the way on this one — it’s being printed up by CD Print Express, so there will be a profesisonal-looking eight-page color booklet (well, as professional as I made it). It will be here within the week and will officially be ‘released’ on Tuesday, October 26.

I’m planning to sell this bad boy for $6.00, which means I would made a whopping $0.25 profit off of each disc sold.

The CD expresses my frustration with our current ‘all or nothing’ political system (see my rant below), which values the snide remark over the well thought-out argument. More than half the songs are political in nature, but it’s not like I wrote one called “Vote Bush Out” or anything like that. I’m disgusted with the whole system, not just Bush the Younger.

The music is all over the map, from driving rock (“Double Take”), to epic folk (“Lonely Planet”) to hymn (“Starting a Religion”), dreamy, tripping ballads (“Dreaming Awake”) and fast-as-hell punk rock meets medieval military marches (????) (“Good Fences”). This is also the first project I’ve recorded that I put money into — $100 for a cheap condenser microphone and stand, as well as the cost of having them printed up.

As always, it was recorded at Why?-Fi studio in Corvallis, which is slang for my pump house and dorm room. The photo of me on this blog was actually taken while I was “in the studio” (slang for ‘next to the boxes of macaroni).

Camping Galore

Tuesday, June 29th, 2004

Current Listening: The Queers — “Surf Goddess” (Surf Goddess)
There’s no doubt that you’re just about / The prettiest girl that I’ve seen / You look so cool hanging by the pool / You’re the only girl for me / Surf goddess, I’m in love with you”

I just finished up the website for my family’s reunion at Priest Lake, which can be viewed at I had a program that did most of the stuff, but — me being the perfectionist that I am — I went through and changed the style a little bit, using a handy little relative expression technology called grep, so it only took me a couple of hours instead of a couple of days.

Carrie called last night and said that she has three days off next week, on Monday through Wednesday, which is perfect! We were planning on going camping, and the perfect time off for her would have been three days off early in the week.

My solo album, Pick Your Poison, is finished. I will make up some copies sometime, then offer to sell them right from this very website! I’d give them away, but it costs money to print and ship, so there you go. In the meanwhile, you can listen to the three MP3s in the litle bar to the left.

I watched Adaptation last night. It was pretty good, I thought; and the irony at the end was very fitting. The whole Nicholas-Cage-playing-his-own-twin-brother thing threw me at first (it was, after all, a Charlie Kaufman film), but I managed to adjust. Expect a review soon!

New Album in Works

Sunday, November 2nd, 2003
Current Listening:
Drag the River: “Forgiveness”
My daddy preached to me

Everyday for years

The day that he died

I swallowed my tears

The tip of the bottle

And a wish you were here

I’d trade forgiveness for a beer

Wow. Somebody threw strands of toilet paper through the trees in front of Jesse. In its own way, it’s really pretty. Like streamers of garland. That are supposed to wipe asses.

I was a Ninja for Halloween. Black pants, a black t-shirt, and another black t-shirt to make into my mask. There was this other guy in a ninja costume, but he was wearing a long sleeve shirt (with a logo!) and a bandana for a mask. I was so much sweeter than he. We did Trick or Eating, which meant we went to the Davidsons College and got a route, then went door-to-door collecting canned food. We got two bags full, which is a decent amount. Then we watched a late-night screening of The Shining. Interesting flick. So much so that I want to read the book.

I got some books at the library, thanks to Carrie. an Amiri Baraka treasury, Dave Barry’s Complete Guide to Guys (A Very Short Book), and Stephen King’s autobiography/work about writing, On Writing. I’m about thirty pages into each.

So I’m slowly collecting another album’s worth of material. If all goes well, I should record it over the Thanksgiving break. This album will be my most acoustic yet: acoustic guitar, piano, and few electric guitars. It has some of my strongest stuff yet, though (I think). “Starting a Religion”, a slow, hymnal number; “Double Take”, an offbeat song about the similarty of the two ‘opposite’ political parties, and “Danse Macabre”, a visual, piano-driven piece.

Left Hanging

Nobody wants to explore anymore.

All we want is a copy of National Geographic and

a bologna sandwich, preferably with Super-Size Fries.

Can you blame us? Who’d want to leave

the serenity of a newspaper floor, our own feces

floating in a water dish, and pretty, shiny bars?

Thank God for the bars. If we squint and look

with what little imagination we’ve got,

we just might see a menacing cat staring us down.

He’s got mange, he’s missing an eye,

and a gleam in his good eye like a madman’s watch.

Watching the birds outside the window, we laugh nervously,

dismissing what we fear most. Let them live on the edge each day,

just outside the cat’s cracked paws. Let them live.

At least they don’t have to read old issues of National Geographic until they die.

Dinner in the Park

Thursday, September 11th, 2003
Cool Link: The Flat Earth Society

God, class was boring today. Even Astronomy. Poetry was okay; we workshopped poems and it was somewhat fun, but we didn’t workshop mine!

Current Listening:
Mineral: “LoveLetterTypwriter”
Summer unfolded

like a tapestry

And you were there

as you have always been

There glowing where

the sky meets with the trees

Air softly crowing,

singing fears to sleep

So after dinner we (we being John, Aaron, Carrie, and me) went to the “Dinner in the Park” thingie. The last one of the year. It was smoke-free, but it was raining! I guess good weather and these thingies just don’t mix. Guess who we saw? Sarah, who had just moved up today. Nifty! I invited her to Drew’s Margarita Monday next week, we’ll see if she calls or was just humoring me.

Then we played some mad Foosball.

My CD is almost mixed!