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LEGO Link Sprite

Friday, August 19th, 2011
It's Link. The 8-bit sprite from The Legend of Zelda. In LEGO.

LEGO Link. The stand was the hardest part.

The other day at work I was waiting for build after build and deployment after deployment and got a little bit bored, so I used some spare LEGOs to build this, a mosaic of the sprite from the original 8-bit Legend Of Zelda. Then I got back to work and MEGA-CODED. I swear I actually work at work.

Streaming Video: A Rant From Twitter

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Why can’t streaming video player programmers EVER get their buffer size prediction algorithms correct? Or, failing that, just make them more fault-tolerant so they buffer more than is necessary to start playing? I’m watching Amazon video on demand, and golly gee, it would be nice if I had control to buffer as much as I wanted, instead of what the moronic algorithm programmed into it thinks is enough.

Other irksome things: When it has to re-buffer, it takes away the progress indicator. This is because during 33% of rebuffers, the connection cuts. This way, I have to guess where I was on the movie when I re-load the page. Amazon, I know you’re trying to idiot-proof your software, but can you please put up something so we have some semblance of control? All I want is a truthful indicator of the connection status, and control over the buffer… is that too much to ask?

Oh, one more thing: If I pause, that’s your opportunity to LOAD AS MUCH BUFFER AS POSSIBLE. I’m hoping some progress has been made since this rant started, but I highly doubt that.