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Streaming Video: A Rant From Twitter

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Why can’t streaming video player programmers EVER get their buffer size prediction algorithms correct? Or, failing that, just make them more fault-tolerant so they buffer more than is necessary to start playing? I’m watching Amazon video on demand, and golly gee, it would be nice if I had control to buffer as much as I wanted, instead of what the moronic algorithm programmed into it thinks is enough.

Other irksome things: When it has to re-buffer, it takes away the progress indicator. This is because during 33% of rebuffers, the connection cuts. This way, I have to guess where I was on the movie when I re-load the page. Amazon, I know you’re trying to idiot-proof your software, but can you please put up something so we have some semblance of control? All I want is a truthful indicator of the connection status, and control over the buffer… is that too much to ask?

Oh, one more thing: If I pause, that’s your opportunity to LOAD AS MUCH BUFFER AS POSSIBLE. I’m hoping some progress has been made since this rant started, but I highly doubt that.


Sunday, February 9th, 2003

So I’ve got the VCR all ready to record tonight’s episode of Undergrads, right? Now, this VCR is weird because you can’t hit Record on the remote, you have to hit the button on the unit. I know, stupid. So I hit record at the end of the show that precedes Undergrads, and then push pause. I tell myself that I’ll unpause at the end of each commercial, so I won’t miss any of it. Wouldn’t you know it, the damn thing doesn’t unpause! What kind of feature is that? So, I miss the first minute of the show… gr…. I knew that VCR would screw me over.

Then, after the show ended, I checked out the two episodes I downloaded last night. Guess what… one of them was the one that was on TV tonight! It never ends.