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Tuesday, September 2nd, 2003

What a day! I woke up at quarter till nine — too early — and went to Astronomy. It was okay, but I need to get another book for the course. I thought I had some free time, so I went grocery shopping at the Country Store. Here’s my list:

  • 2 cartons of milk
  • A can of Pringles (regular)
  • Easy Cheese
  • Some cereal
  • Some water
  • a box of Pop Tarts

The cereal pissed me off because it’s only available in single-serving thingies, not boxes.

Anyway, I got back to the room and checked my schedule, but I found out I had a class then! It seems that The Bear, which hadn’t been working before Astronomy, decided to single me, yes me, out and screw me over! So I missed my first Poetry Writing class. :-( Speaking of which, I wrote several today.

John and I tried to meet Brooke at the Food Zoo for lunch, but it was closed for the “Welcome to UM” mixer. Brooke didn’t show up, so we went to the UC food court. I had a veggie calzone. Verrrrrry good. John was happy because the seasoning was quite varied and he could salt his fries just the way he wanted.

I went to my room and Charlie from the Flying Men of Zimbabwe stopped by to get the CD I’d recorded of them back in December. We shot the breeze for a while, then I napped.

John, Aaron, Brooke and I went to the UC for the mixer. They had these icky taco-like beach things for dinner, which none of us particularly liked. And the dessert, which was usually top-notch, was Starburst! It was a disappointing culinary experience. After dinner we went to watch a little bit of Ocean’s Eleven, then watched a reggae band. It was okay, but reggae is not the best dancing music in the world. And I was kind of feeling down at this point, so I left. John wasn’t distraught, though, because he was teaching a chick — Tara (I remember her name when John couldn’t. He owes me big) — to swing dance.

I went to Knowles — Brooke’s room specifically — and met her roommate. From Brooke’s descriptions I was expecting a neurotic neat freak, but she was pretty nice. We had cheesecake (Aaron and John found their way to Brooke’s room) and then I returned here.

Oh, yeah. While Aaron, Brooke and I were going to Knowles to get my cheesecake there was disturbance that required the dreaded Public Safety to be called. Some kids got noise complaints but refused to comply. They were belligerent and it laters turns out drunk. We were coming back to Brooke’s room when two officers led one of the kids out in handcuffs. He was trashed and yelling ethnic slurs at one of the pseudo-cops, who happened to be black. That was a shitty way to end the day. I hope he has fun in detention sobering up.

That’s it. I’ve got Applied Literary Criticism tomorrow morning at 10:00, so I should get going to bed.


Wednesday, April 30th, 2003

Oh, this is comforting. Jesus will make sure you never cheat!

First of all, our show isn’t really a show; we only get three songs. Probably the new one, “Hate Bomb”, “MJ Parker”, and “Vinny is a Cretin.” I’m still looking forward to it, but it’s not a show, really.

So it’s time for a rant. Today I saw some rude signs that proclaim that we must be out of the dorms by Friday the 16th. Yes, there are still Finals going on that day. So not only do we have to take whatever finals we have on Friday (I have one), we also have to pack up and check out, all by 5:00 PM! God, can’t this friggin’ university ever cut me a break? Do this NOW or you will get a fee. Don’t breath right on the minute or you will get a fee. Piss off!

So I actually went to the library to do work on a paper. Guess who I saw? My former roommate, Tony. Long time, no see. And just today somebody called the room asking for him. He was a lot friendlier than my current bro. Tonight I’ve been working on drums for Shawn’s and my pop-punk record. It turns out that altering the pitch of the snare drum slightly on each hit makes the durms sound more real. Cool.

Well, it’s ni-night time. Peace.


Friday, February 7th, 2003

I think Houston, We Have a Drinking Problem is one of the greatest albums of the millenium. I can say that because the millenium is only two years old as of this writing. It’s definately a keeper. I wrote a great review of it for, but only found out after I submitted it that reviews become the property of Oh, well. I didn’t put much effort into it anyway.

God, Geography was a boooooring class. Yuckers.

I wrote a nifty poem in Psych class. I managed to do it despite the activities we did. Of course, I didn’t finish it until I got back to my room. It’s about two pages long. It’s written in blank verse, and I think it came out rather well. I like it so much, in fact, that I’m going to work on it for about a week before I post it on my website. Maybe I’ll even get someone else’s opinion on it. It’s called “The Highway” and it’s about this game I used to play: you watch passing cars on a road and try to dream up a story for each car that comes by. I wrote it out by hand, instead of composing it on the computer, which is how I usually write poetry. There’s just something about a pen on paper, being able to tap your pen with the words to count the syllables, that MS Word can’t match.

We had a floor meeting tonight. There was free pizza, so that made me happy. There are a lot more guys on my floor than I would have thought.

Tomorrow I go home for the weekend. I hope that the band practices. It would be nice, for a change. I can actually stay up later than usual tonight because my Rock ‘n Roll class is canceled because they need the Music Building all day tomorrow. It’ll an an extra hour or two to my sleep schedule. I’m kind of feeling tired tonight, which is really weird, because I usually don’t feel tired until about four o’clock in the morning.