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If It’s Too Good to Be True…

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Eating lunch today, I found my yogurt flavor is “Blackberry and Açaí.” Not knowing what the hell açaí is, I looked it up on Wikipedia. It’s a berry, but also a big dietary supplement component. According to the article:

“Marketers of these products… make unverified claims that açaí provides increased energy levels, improved sexual performance, improved digestion, detoxification, high fiber content, improved skin appearance, improved heart health, improved sleep, and reduction of cholesterol levels.”

Yeah … That sounds legit. It also whitens your teeth and makes people like you by altering your pheromones! People who sell this stuff prey upon people, but they quickly run into a problem: as soon as their product becomes the next big thing, others decide to hop on the bandwagon and start hawking the crap, too. Pretty soon, they have to keep adding supposed health benefits to ‘get ahead’ of the other guys, and you wind up with a list so long it puts snake oil salesmen to shame. I’m pretty sure most reasonable people can smell the bull, but obviously enough people are wooed by all the promises to keep some of these shysters in business.

It was a pretty tasty cup of yogurt. Still, it was surprising to see some Google Ads-worthy product featured on a big-league company like Yoplait’s product.


Wednesday, March 10th, 2004
Current Listening:
RxBandits: “Infection”
Is love an infection

Or a sick addiction

When there’s nowhere left

to run to?

Ugggh. I’ve eaten waaaay too much. Heath Coffee Ice Cream, Dr. Pepper. I got groceries today, obviously. Lots of good stuff, including yogurt and granola — I am such a hippie.

We watched Way of the Gun tonight. Well, I didn’t — I slept through most of it. What I do remember is being pissed off by the way that people with guns always seem to get their ways in movies. And torturing and shit.


Tuesday, September 2nd, 2003

What a day! I woke up at quarter till nine — too early — and went to Astronomy. It was okay, but I need to get another book for the course. I thought I had some free time, so I went grocery shopping at the Country Store. Here’s my list:

  • 2 cartons of milk
  • A can of Pringles (regular)
  • Easy Cheese
  • Some cereal
  • Some water
  • a box of Pop Tarts

The cereal pissed me off because it’s only available in single-serving thingies, not boxes.

Anyway, I got back to the room and checked my schedule, but I found out I had a class then! It seems that The Bear, which hadn’t been working before Astronomy, decided to single me, yes me, out and screw me over! So I missed my first Poetry Writing class. :-( Speaking of which, I wrote several today.

John and I tried to meet Brooke at the Food Zoo for lunch, but it was closed for the “Welcome to UM” mixer. Brooke didn’t show up, so we went to the UC food court. I had a veggie calzone. Verrrrrry good. John was happy because the seasoning was quite varied and he could salt his fries just the way he wanted.

I went to my room and Charlie from the Flying Men of Zimbabwe stopped by to get the CD I’d recorded of them back in December. We shot the breeze for a while, then I napped.

John, Aaron, Brooke and I went to the UC for the mixer. They had these icky taco-like beach things for dinner, which none of us particularly liked. And the dessert, which was usually top-notch, was Starburst! It was a disappointing culinary experience. After dinner we went to watch a little bit of Ocean’s Eleven, then watched a reggae band. It was okay, but reggae is not the best dancing music in the world. And I was kind of feeling down at this point, so I left. John wasn’t distraught, though, because he was teaching a chick — Tara (I remember her name when John couldn’t. He owes me big) — to swing dance.

I went to Knowles — Brooke’s room specifically — and met her roommate. From Brooke’s descriptions I was expecting a neurotic neat freak, but she was pretty nice. We had cheesecake (Aaron and John found their way to Brooke’s room) and then I returned here.

Oh, yeah. While Aaron, Brooke and I were going to Knowles to get my cheesecake there was disturbance that required the dreaded Public Safety to be called. Some kids got noise complaints but refused to comply. They were belligerent and it laters turns out drunk. We were coming back to Brooke’s room when two officers led one of the kids out in handcuffs. He was trashed and yelling ethnic slurs at one of the pseudo-cops, who happened to be black. That was a shitty way to end the day. I hope he has fun in detention sobering up.

That’s it. I’ve got Applied Literary Criticism tomorrow morning at 10:00, so I should get going to bed.

My Pet Spider

Thursday, July 3rd, 2003

The Leage of Extraordinairy Gentlemen looks to be a good flick. Anything with Sean “My Last Name Should Be the Final Word of a Spelling Bee” Connery is generally popcorn-worthy.

I’ve got a pet spider. Kind of. I first noticed him a week ago while I was eating lunch out of the back of Nellie. He was a big guy. Anyway, I had to tip the seats down so I could sit comfortably out of the back of the station wagon. As I was doing this, he scurried underneath the seat. At first I thought he would be pissed about his forced relocation, but I think he enjoys it.

Plus, he moved elsewhere of his own volition. Twice I’ve seen him scurrying behind the dashboard glass. I call him Norton, after Gleasom’s foil in The Honeymooners. Norton enjoys it in the car, I think. Can you imagine life forever on the road? There’s plenty of food, both in the form of candy that’s been in the ashtray for longer than my siblings have been alive to the many foolish dead insects who, in an attempt to get at that very candy, climb into the car through a window crack. Within seconds of being inside Nellie they are baked to a crisp. Norton doesn’t even have to cook.

In fact, I think he likes living in my dashboard so much that he’s been trying to ‘help out’ Nellie. I fancy that the kindly arachnid rolls back my odometer every once in a while. This is partly out of kindness to his more-than-benevolent master, but mostly because he wants said master to hold onto Nellie, lest he be sold to an oppressive overload who has an air freshener or — much worse — a bug bomb in his arsenal.

Today I got cut off in Hamilton. Norton was riding on the dashboard. I’m not sure because he’s tiny, but I think that a few of his eight legs were giving the finger.

In other news, tomorrow is the day of the river float. It looks like it’ll be pretty fun, assuming the weather holds. We’re floating from Woodside to Bell Crossing, about fifteen miles. I know for a fact that John, Shawn, Aaron, myself, and Laurel are going. There’s specualtion about whether Jillian, Meredith, Meghan, and I think Kelly are going. I have no friggin’ clue. John went to Helena today, and he’s not the best at organizing things, if you catch my drift. He’s a scatterbrain, alright?

I had a heavenly salad for lunch. Lettuce (duh!), olives, onions, cucumbers, two types of cheese — the list goes on and on! It filled me up so much that I could barely finish dinner.

I also got food for tomorrow. A thing of Coke, strawberries, grapes, Ritz, cheese (pepper jack!), hummus, and Teddy Grahams. It should be a yummy repast/snack.

Now I should go to bed. I have to get up at eight to shower and crap. I have to pick up Aaron at nine, stop by Shawn’s to see what he has in the way of river-worthy craft, and phone Laurel to make sure she actually gets up.


Sunday, February 9th, 2003

Yes, I’m alive. I’ve just been delving into the exciting world of poetry. I wish I knew a publication to which I could submit some of my poems. It’d be a delight to be ‘published.’

Dad and I went to Wade’s for a chili thing. There was supposed to be jamming, but no jammers jammed, jammit!

We watched Stand By Me tonight. “When the night, has come…”