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The Suckers – Sour Grapes

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

The Sour Grapes album cover depicts a fox disdainfully turned away from a branch of grapes that hang just out of his reach.The newest album from The Suckers is finally available to download for free in the music section. There, you can listen to or download individual tracks or the full album zipped up. There are 17 songs on this record, and I’d go as far to wager that some are even a little catchy. The music is pop-punk, in the vein of The Ramones, Screeching Weasel, Teenage Bottlerocket, and other bands of their ilk. Each song has slightly more than three chords and an attitude.

The cover art, which depicts the literal fable “The Fox and the Grapes”, is a photo montage made from free images courtesy of the Morgue File, and these authors deserve due credit: aquaio, jak, badeendjuh, and missyredboots.


Tuesday, August 26th, 2003

I just finished watching Blue’s Clues on Nickelodian.It was… different. For those readers unaware with the general concept, a besweatered (is that a word? Kind of like ‘bespectacled’) man runs around an animated house, following his blue dog as he lays down clues. Obvious jokes about this man’s drug habits aside, the show was fun. I remember watching Sesame Street as a kid, a show filled with giant yellow anthropomorphic birds and furry creatures of an indeterminate origin. That show gave me a nightmare when I was five that I still remember. My dad and I were walking around outside of Walla Walla when a muppet dog came up to us, demanding to know where the bank was. For whatever reason, my dad wouldn’t tell us, so the dog shot him! I woke up crying.

I mean, seriously, whatis this thing?

Anyway, Blue’s Clues is much less terrifying. First of all the main character, whose name is probably ‘Steve’ or ‘John’ or maybe if the producers are adventurous, ‘Bill’ is about as threatening as a lukewarm bowl of soup. All he does is prance around, occasionally singing and ‘Ski-Dooing’, a strange process in which his body spins around while he shrinks to the size of a golf ball so he can explore books and paintings. There is no way in hell he is devious, either, because he can’t accomplish a task (‘Which shape is a triangle?’) without having the disembodied voices of small children shout out the answer, which is usually non-specific (“That one!”). A smart toddler could get through this show shouting only, “That one!” and emerge a winner every time.

Second, none of the animated characters with which Steve-or-Ted-or-Bill interacts have those huge, googly, Muppetâ„¢ eyes. Those alone gave me — still gives me — nightmares.

Current Listening:
Lagwagon: “I Must Be Hateful”
I can’t make the damn phone ring

It’s simply pathetic if I call you anymore

I can’t figure it now

We tallied our scores

I got knocked out

Finally, there were no vampires with obsessive-compulsive disorder on this show. That I’m aware of. Fun Side Note: In folklore, vampires are often believed to be obsessive-compulsive. One way to deal with them, in fact, is to lay a mess of sesame seeds (sesame seeds…. dramatic music……) in their coffins. They will try to count them and spend eternity doing so.

So I watched the show, but could feel my brain atrophy with each note sung. That’s the weird thing about children’s TV — it really does help kids learn, but adults will slowly go mad watching it. There’s no question in my mind that Blue’s Clues is better for kids than Sesame Street was. It’s interactive (as interactive as television can get), and it builds a kid’s confidence. Sesame Street was that way too, but in smaller doses. And what the hell was up with Oscar the Grouch? When I was younger it was my job to take out the trash, and I was terrified that a furry hand would reach out and clench around my throat.

I went up to Aaron’s house last night. We watched Tremors and Mallrats. Both of them I had seen multiple times, but it was still fun. Tremors, desite its B-Movie cheesiness, is a just plain fun flick. Mallrats, though not as funny as it is upon first viewing, is like an old friend now — I’ve probably seen it half a dozen times.

Shawn, Kyle and Reid came up. When i suggested that Aaron make some soup, they attacked me. But it was worth it! That soup is deeeee-licious! I ate it with Triscuits — yummy! After the movies Shawn suggested we pop in the porno (Truth or Dare Fantasies or some crap) he had purchased in Missoula. I took the time to leave.

I came home about 12:30 and recorded a few basslines for some Suckers songs. The album’s almost done — all it needs is two more basslines and vocals on a few tracks.


Wednesday, July 23rd, 2003

I worked Monday. Same guy as before. He’s moving, so we hauled furniture into his U-Haul, then down to a storage unit. NWI is playing at the Poetry Slam on Friday, as well as (maybe) the FMZ. If any of us practice. I’m in the most recent production of Lab Rats, onstage this time — as Watson. Thursday I’m going to see Laurel’s dance thingie. I was gonna bring Maggie, but I just don’t think she’d enjoy it. I’ll take her someplace else this summer — maybe to the play at the playhouse.

I’m finally finishing my pop-punk (real pop-punk, like Queers and Screeching Weasel) record from my band The Suckers. All it needs is backup vocals.